Inner Wild Birth Support provides birth doula services and childbirth education to expectant parents in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Brooklyn-born and South Florida-raised, owner Jaime Hogan grew up an only child who loved any subject in school that involved art, photography, film, or talking a lot.

Jaime Hogan birth doula and childbirth educator

Jaime Hogan, birth doula and childbirth educator, Inner Wild Birth Support, LLC

A graduate of FAU with a BA in Communication, for nearly 20 years Jaime used her organizational talents, creativity with words, and penchant for sarcasm to rise through the ranks in the fields of advertising and marketing.

But after experiencing a pregnancy loss and then the birth of her son, Jaime decided she wanted more to her days than print ads, budget meetings, and wearing suits with shoulder pads.

Naturally drawn to the role of helper, she discovered she had a passion for childbirth support and had probably been doing some form of “doula-ing” throughout her life. (“If you’re having some doubts about your sales presentation, why don’t we run through it together so you feel more prepared? You’ve got this!”)

So she took a (terrifying) leap of faith and left the familiarity of corporate life to become a professional birth doula.

Inspired by witnessing parents’ confidence grow as they prepare to bring their child into the world, Jaime chose the name Inner Wild Birth Support because she believes in the ability of women to tap into their own “wild” within themselves to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Jaime has a few meaningful tattoos (and some less meaningful), a history of multi-colored hair, a dog that sheds too much, and a husband who still occasionally wonders what he got himself into. She collects books, art supplies, and creative friends (including Marcee Pauff, who designed the Inner Wild Birth Support logo and helped craft this bio).

But mostly, Jaime is steadfast, empathetic, and a fierce advocate of informed decision-making.

In addition to graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Florida Atlantic University in 2003, she earned a Technical Certificate (College Credit Certificate – CCC) in Addiction Studies from Palm Beach State College in 2019.

Certified as a childbirth educator through the Florida Outreach Childbirth Education Program (FOCEP) in 2014 and certified as a Birth & Bereavement Doula (SBD)® through Stillbirthday in 2013, Jaime is dedicated to supporting a birthing person and their partner in the journey that is uniquely theirs.

Inner Wild Birth Support, LLC