Support for Expectant Parents in Substance Use Recovery

Childbirth education the Inner Wild way

The benefits of childbirth education
Childbirth education can help parents-to-be feel more supported, knowledgeable, and ready to make decisions as they prepare for the birth of their child. Attending childbirth education sessions in person can provide a dedicated time for those parents-to-be to focus on themselves and their baby, and to connect with other expectant parents who are sharing similar experiences.

Unique needs and challenges
Pregnant people in treatment or recovery from substance use disorders have unique needs — not only physically but also emotionally. These individuals may have been shamed if they became pregnant while using substances. They might feel unprepared for the process of childbirth or have questions regarding pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time that are specific to their situation. Or they may have already been in recovery and want to take that aspect of their life experience into account as they prepare for birth. Traditional childbirth education classes, and possibly even their health care providers, might not address these specific concerns, and substance use treatment facilities and/or addiction professionals might not have the resources to adequately provide childbirth education themselves.

Benefits to substance use treatment organizations and your clients
You want to provide outstanding care for every client your facility serves, but you might find that you don’t have the in-house resources to fully address your pregnant population. Inner Wild Birth Support wants to help bridge that gap by providing childbirth education classes for your clients, further supporting their efforts to find an empowered, fulfilling path to parenthood and lasting recovery from substance use.

Specialized support
Inner Wild Birth Support believes expectant parents have the right to understand their childbirth options and to be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. The childbirth education sessions below are presented for individuals navigating treatment for substance use disorders, by combining childbirth education material with the opportunity for participants to explore some of the added challenges they may be experiencing on their journey of recovery.

Childbirth education for the birthing person in substance use treatment/recovery

Offered as a 3-class series (approximately 2 hours per class) in a group setting. Topics of discussion can include:

  • Labor coping skills/comfort measures
  • Different scenarios possible in labor and birth, along with birth facility procedures and interventions
  • Options such as care providers, birth teams, birth plans, and parenting support resources
  • The postpartum recovery time and the initial newborn phase
  • The emotional aspects of the childbearing season of life, including the additional component of the substance use recovery experience

Inner Wild Birth Support can also present shorter, stand-alone childbirth education sessions for spouses/partners and grandparents-to-be. Sessions can also be scheduled for substance use treatment organizations’ staff members, aiming to provide a clear, concise overview of general childbirth education key points and leave them feeling better equipped to support their program’s pregnant/expecting participants with confidence and compassion.

Information subject to change. Class format (frequency, duration, etc.) can be adjusted according to client needs.

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