Are doulas only for home births?

Nope! Doulas are not necessarily just for parents choosing a home birth.

In addition to planned home births with a care provider present, I can also provide birth doula support to clients who have chosen to birth in a birth center or a hospital.

For example, a doula can help make a hospital room feel a little more like a “home away from home”, by doing things such as lighting adjustments, putting on your favorite music, or placing a special photo on your bedside table. A doula can be an additional support if your partner needs to step away for a moment to¬†communicate with other family members, or to rest or eat. And a doula can be a continuous presence through shift changes by the facility’s staff.

As your doula, I can adapt to your needs and wishes, to the birth environment you’ve chosen, and to the unique journey of your childbirth experience.

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