Birth Doula Services

Inner Wild Birth Support’s birth doula services are not currently available.

Support during pregnancy, labor and birth, and the immediate postpartum time

Offering birth doula services to expectant parents in Palm Beach County, whether they plan to birth in a hospital, in a birth center, or in their home, Inner Wild Birth Support is a non-medical addition to a client’s birth team, aiming to serve in harmony with care providers and loved ones.

This can mean things such as assisting parents-to-be as they prepare their birth plan, helping them talk through different options, going over labor positions and comfort measures, discussing their plans for after the baby arrives, or simply listening.

During your pregnancy
If you choose to hire Inner Wild Birth Support for birth doula services, I’ll plan to meet with you and your partner during your pregnancy to discuss topics such as your birth preferences and how a doula might best support you, along with simply getting to know each other better in preparation for the journey ahead. I’ll also be available for phone support during your pregnancy, through six weeks postpartum.

Dedicated support
As your estimated due date nears, I will then go on-call for you, to be ready to arrive once you determine you are in labor and are ready for in-person doula support. This face-to-face doula support during labor and birth will typically extend through the first hour or two of immediate postpartum recovery time.

Transitioning into parenthood

Also included with your labor support package is a postpartum meeting, where we can discuss your childbirth experience and how you’re adjusting in the days since the birth.

Inner Wild Birth Support’s birth doula services are not currently available.

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