Can a doula work well with my care provider(s)?

Yes! As your doula, I want to work in harmony alongside the rest of your birth team.

I’m able to support your relationship with your care providers more successfully by:

  • Staying within my scope of practice
  • Respecting the roles of the professionals who are providing my clients’ care
  • Being supportive as my clients advocate for themselves

Expectant parents can also help maintain an open, supportive environment within their birth support system. Some of the things you may want to consider while planning for your birth:

  • Choosing a care provider whose practice you trust and are comfortable with, and with whom you can discuss your wishes and philosophy about birth
  • Keeping the lines of communication open with all members of your birth team
  • Fully understanding the role of a doula

It’s often referred to as your “birth team” — we’re there, in each of our unique roles, to support you together as you welcome your baby into the world!

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