Why hire a birth doula?

There are different situations when expectant parents might choose to hire a birth doula, such as:

  • The birthing person will not have a spouse/partner/other support person present
  • The birthing person would like support in addition to their spouse/partner/other support person
  • The expectant parent(s) did not have the support they would have liked during a previous birth experience
  • The expectant parent(s) had doula support for a prior birth and would like to have support again with this experience

There are also different things expectant parents might be looking for in their childbirth experience that can be enhanced by a doula, such as:

  • Feeling more prepared
  • Gaining more confidence
  • Being heard and respected

A doula is a professional who can bring the wisdom of their training and experience to provide knowledgeable, objective support, leaving space for your loved ones to participate in this journey with you in their own individual, unique ways.

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