I already raised my own children. Why take a grandparents class?

I get it — it might seem a little silly (or even insulting!) to have the expectant parent(s) in your life suggest that you take a class about something you may already have years of experience in. But attending a presentation like the one I have for grandparents can be about so much more than just the “how to’s”:

  • It can help bridge the communication divide that sometimes arises (or already existed) within a family when there’s a grandchild on the way.
  • It can provide you a space to be heard.
  • It can provide an opportunity to get to know other grandparents-to-be in your local community.
  • It can get you up to date on many of the decisions facing today’s parents-to-be. (Not to mention taking some of the pressure off of those expectant parents!)

Also, because generations can differ — from the way they communicate to how they spend their money and who they seek advice from — it can be beneficial to get a few tips and reminders from an objective professional, leaving room for you and the parents-to-be to truly enjoy the experience of welcoming this baby into the world.

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